1. general

r.e.s.p.e.c.t as l.o.v.e?

Sensations come with and through spectra. Ranges of fluctuations each spectrum may get in touch with. Ranges of and from frictions of all kinds, that a given fluctuation may meet.
A re-Spect may come as a kind of feedback.

Hello? One human greet another.
Another human just walks on.
Hello? One human repeats at another. One human might begin to in-Spect why the other didn’t offer any discernible feedback. (maybe they did not hear me? are they deaf? [let’s for sake of keeping this simple, One human Knows another can not stop themselves from hearing] Maybe they are listening to something? [one human inspects another’s ears to check for earbuds] Maybe they can not hear me because my voice was too low? ..But I did raise my voice in the 2nd “hello”)
One human, you see, assumes another to come as a some kind of a similar human, rather than a butterfly, or a cloud of gas. Therefore, One human might begin to sus-Pect. To consider another human has something under – sub – the visible, something that requires some noetic concentration to come revealed.

We can go on here into considering dis-re-Spect, ignorance (ignoring) – one offers a feedback that’s intended to demean, another acknowledges existence and confiscates agency (ie, you may think you are a human, but in fact you are a slave.) –
however, i think, both come in the range, the spectrum of spectra. A question of How I – some part of a species kind – compose with othe some-parts of whatever species. (the terminology here attempts to move away from terms like Individual and Organism, as part of an attempt to freshen up the thinking. Beyond the organic and the in/dividual binary. Might make reading feel like it’s harder than it should..)

Doing a spectrum of Spect-sensations, should, i think, have that which goes outside of that specrtrum. Just outside rather than some kind of an opposite.
Hello and Goodbye come as sorta opposites in a space made by greetings spectrum. Colours come as another Kind of spectrum, different to greetings, yet, some colours greet and some greetings may come colourful.

What’s not considered in this Spect oriented spectrum comes as cause-free. A thing that anything could bring about, and therefore therefore nothing.

The questions from Spect-Sensations come with an axiom of causality. The another person did/not feedback because such and such intentional or otherwise.

A Hello, comes causeless. One human did not have to greet another.
Maybe another’s seemed ignoring disrespect came as a reaction on a frequency, the fluctuation of beyond causality??
That’s beyond possible multiple causes of another to initiate a feedback of some sort. A beyond causality as a simple initiation of something when someone feels like an infinity divided by an infinity, they come seemingly out of nowhere. Like a “Hello!”. However, after offering that new greeting to the world – is it fair of the human to lookout for in anticipation, to ex-Pect, an instant entrance into the Spect spectrum??