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a good example from deficient thinking ??

I try to spin some text in connection with PanOpticOn – that foucault linked concept. Has todo and to-do and to connect with home-ification, aka Domestication.

Considering the element of Control and the notion from watching-over while remaining Unseen.

So we get the
Troll to Control.

Trolling online in attempt to control others.
It sounds good kinda thing? As a title for something perhaps? An App? A game? A text? An AI? A tree? A boat? A cloud?
An Idea..?
Troll to control..

Perhaps an interesting idea to dig at, however – not a panopticon? Let alone not the sort of meta panopticon i was trying to suggest.

Or.. maybe.. Hold on.. Let’s try again?
When connected to life and humans.
Like a panopticon environment dweller we can feel rested and pretty much correct by thinking that someone’s attention could come attuned to us at any given moment.
Someone might not read our signals-come-messages, however in case these rub the wrong way, they might reveal themselves and might try to inflame us and gain some feeling of controlling others – even while trolls mostly do not control?

Why assume trolls fancy controls?
Is it since it kinda sounds good in english?
Why should anyone explain?

Here you go. Let’s put a beat to it:

Troll Control
Troll control
Repeat the thought fitting feat?
Troll to control
Control to troll
Fit a thought to a beat
Cook a sticking treat
Control to troll
Troll to control
A truth from kitsch’s
Kitchened sweet!