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about culture that pops ? (with andy warhol in mind)

Here is a bit of a story from AD about AW’s thing with an image of Superman (circa 12.10 in).

The shorty?
AD was to publish an photo that included AW’s image of superman.
Publisher claims they need authorization from superman’s copyrights people.
AQ claims AW needed that, not this photo of AW’s image.

For me this illustrates something pretty strange.
We have elements in our culture that do not, in effect, belong to society that cultivates the said elements – and Humans seem to accept that.
The acceptance, for me, is strange.
{{something i keep trying to addess in various ways – and humans keep rejecting in my work..}}

In that way, we are owned within the lord’s estate. The estate comes as stuff like supermanTM, and what-ever popular images and objects are circulated.
amplification of estate ownership in digital formats like google, facebook, etherium, and so on – can come so easily since feudalism hasn’t gone away but was abated.
Feudalism is like a dirt capitalism could cover.

The problem with that feudal notion is that i actually think we get into something much worst than feudalism. I think feudalism is a weak and possibly wrong/mistaken metaphor that takes attention away from the kind of Ultimatism – the rule of that which can not be checked because it is outside of human lives, the Ulimate – which we may fall into. (perhaps dragged into is a better term? maybe though, it’s something we can not avoid.. 🙁 )