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id and your self ??

some jerk told me they ID as a 20yo. They wanted everyone to consider them a 20yo. Fair enough?
A 20yo, despite the fact they keep talking about the 60’s and 70’s music as if it is contemporary?
Seems some people miss rather swiftly that in case you talk of having such and ID, say TransX, then you need to actually walk it. It means you do take the risk of a thinking, expressing, interacting and cultivating as a TransX – even if you come as the only TransX in the world.

Sure, personally, i have difficulties with ID – however, can respect the Other.

Yes, so humans can self ID. However, when saying I am TX – this comes as sharing with others How which I already live.
Hence people saying things like:
No such as TX – come disrespectful, imho.

A friend woke up one morning and decided she was a Jew.
She began going to synagogues and follow jewish traditions. Most of all, after that decision, she managed to flip out of a psychological funk following some grotty abuse.

I wondered though, what would it would be like, if my fair and blonde friend who lived all her life in poland, decided she was a Jew, however, all jews had a particular skin colour that wasn’t liable to get pink in the cold and under intense sun light?
Would my dear friend be able to come out and live her jewish life?

Let’s ask a different question. Suppose you are born somewhere in africa, say Congo. And as a child you fall in love with Greenland. More over, you decide to learn the language, culture and customs – and they Feel Good!. So you decide to move into Greenland because, as far as you are concerned – you feel a greenlander rather than a congolese.

While it might sound pretty cool. Perhaps it’s actually a bit dark because, afterall, i bet, like britain and even japan, Greenland isn’t just one kind of a culture that can be caricatured.
Darker than that, with a thinking that one needs to connect with some already existing culture in some geo-political body – aka state – what do we say about people who fancy migrating, bring with them all sorts of cultures, and feel as much british, polish or sudanese as anyone else in the place?

Another aspect of geo-political self id, comes from Brexit. imho.
Evidently, we have people in the UK that ID themselves as
Why not let them come part of europe?
Why do they have to have a state that facilitates their self ID?
there was a suggestion, years back, that individual UK people could get some form of individual EU membership – it got shot down pretty quickly.

However, here’s the question.. Suppose I ID as Kenyan. Regardless of my ignorance in stuff like Kikuyu and Swahili languages – however, to Be a Kenyan, could it be enough to pay my taxes in Kenya?

To some extent, with wealthy people, certain territories do offer.. Say.. Maybe.. something like a Geo-political Tax ID?

However, we could take the Kenyan ID idea further.. We could say,
oh – in case you pay kenyan taxes, that means you are also subject to kenyan Law.
In case you happen to do something in Malta – or where ever – that comes questionable in Kenyan law, they can bring you to a Kenyan court..

This ofcourse takes a different tack from current identity as an emancipation process.. Though, perhaps when we look away from (possibly) opportunistic money and legal considerations, i bet
in case a person Feels SuchNsuch and is being allowed/acknowledged as who they feel they are – eg, a Greenlander – they’d feel emancipated.