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artificial mud? muddiness ?

Artificial intelligence?

Lets try to consider other artificialities –

How would an Artificial virtuality think?

OK.. Intelligence got replaced by Virtuality. Lets do – How would a Virtual Intelligence think?
riffing off from virtual real as an artificial real (check the diff that looks like a meshed plastic tree with a wooden made engine) –
Augmented Intelligence.
Perhaps here we could ask –
How an un augmented intelligence think – since all kinds, types and ways of intelligence come augmented one way and never another.

Unbiased, unaugented intelligence – sounds a bit artificial?
A required artificial – ie a deity.

In that way, virtual intelligence comes as that which mimics and aproximates intelligence.
artificial could come as that which approximates an unbiased intelligence sufficiently enough for humans to rely on. For humans to suspend their disbelief and accept the augmentation as if it does not exist. Like accepting a god’s will even if it hurts – since it must come as the Bestest beast of all other options and possibilities.

Augmented intelligence, in that way, could come as a way that keeps intelligence real.
Augmented intelligence can come as a way to keep mechanically changing the way intelligence connects. It deals with simply how any given intelligence sways and bends into a particular range.


How about some more interesting combinations?

How about colour intelligence?
An intelligence of colours. Blue, Red, ultraviolet and so on – how they connect with the rest of life? How they make life intelligible for them? (..and collapse their own intelligence in the process, ofcourse)
..we could do the same with Rocks, Waves, Planets and kisses too.

Cup intelligence
plastic intelligence
Wire intelligence – not Wired intelligence?


Just take a word and stick Intelligence after it?

That would come to intelligencism.

A mystification of intelligence and finding it all over and all around in every thing.

—– —

Here’s what I think comes as the boil of these questions –
Intelligence has to do with connection making.
We get different ways of making connections, and combining stuff.
Various kinds of tensions that call attentions into sequences that open up ranges.
However, relatively few sequences of attention, reflection, and tension can repeat without violence*. Even fewer sequences can evolve – merge, infect, absorbe, dance, and compose with others in ways that changes themselves. (Many sequences, few get retained in consequences.)

For example, which sequence can come curious (retaining ongoing care with joyfulness) –
letter intelligence
spot intelligence
reflective intelligence
infra intelligence
symtelli intelligence
assistive intelligence
populist intelligence

A slightly random list, but lets go through:

the way letters connect? really? i dont think so.

spot way of connection making? hummmm…
a double take there between spot as an visual element that lives among context (an unwanted shape by a human), a round visual element, and such-like – and a metaphor (like a spot in town), or a call to spot something. A connection making process that comes through a certain ambiguity of attention, tension (who does the spotting), and using that as a way to connect, to create intelligence.

reflective intelligence? here i think we get possible something very different, a possible question of reflectivity. (since intelligence hides reflections. we connect, drawn to a recognizable. ie a possible reflection of own cognition/perception.)
Perhaps Artificial Reflection can come as interesting??

Infra intelligence? the Under Intelligence? That which allows intelligence?
Might come interesting in case we fancy focusing on the connection making abilities of what ever allows intelligence to live.
(in ai, a corpus, training manners, etc.)

symtelli intelligence?? Here I think we get possibly a meta call. A together-between (symtelli) with a combination making process (intelligence).
We get a focus on various together-between forces and how they combine with connection making.
Seems like maybe an example might need tyo get created for this one 😉

assistive intelligence?? seems like an AI wet dream. Everything I do has a purpose and immediately helps someone.
I think, both this (assistive) and populist, come to illustrate how dull and un interesting (term) intelligence can get. However, I also think these can come repeatable.
When stuff gets repeated inspite of dullness for sensations, I think we get an instant placebo. A pleasing based on power of the already known. A conservative power of normalisation. It can get violent if/when it feels threatened. I suspect, because of the reliance on power rather than curiosity and wonder for connecting with others.
Though i might come wrong here since Wonder and Curiosity don’t always come context independent.

Which of Symtelli, infra, and SpoT intelligence can come context independent??
I suspect Symtelli..
Can we have an approximated symtelli intelligence without losing its authenticity?

since repetition tends to come via a combination of the sequence into a meaning. Meaningfulness, afterall, has to do aim – a successful application of attention. I attended the basket when i threw the ball, not the wall – can morph into, I meant to hit the basket, not the wall.