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a stolen hug ?

Yesterday evening was skateboarding into a brighton sunset by the beach.
a person on a bench. They were looking with a blank wistfulness into the distancing horizon and failing holding in tears from some well of sadness – imho.

I stopped skatboarding motions.
Hey.. Life will get better – i lied thinking they will recognise the deception and accept the story.
They looked at me with some gratefulness so i doubled down on the lie:
Whatever it is – life will get better for you. I am sure. (that last bit was said since, yes, i am sure that in the constantly relentless rolling between bumps, things Do Feel Better..)
They kinda smiled.

I considered proposing an hug offer.
myself declined.
Recalled my own times of crying into the unforgiving distances. Recalled how hug starved i was. It occurred that, in case a hug was welcomed – it would not be them that i’d hug, but a space-place in my me that keeps a lonely popping up.

that kind of dishonesty towards them, would have stolen an advantage on their misery – so i continued chasing my own sunset surfing away.