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naming heatwaves – a thoughtwave?

in art and post truth, one of the philosophers, santiago zabala, suggested that art – however that may be attended to – has the capacity to Save humans from their own bio destructive activities on planet earth.
The following naming business, suggests – i think – that maybe it’s a question of a philosophical narrative for advert agency minds?

Seville has this pilot project to name heat-waves

Perhaps there’s a thing in that project, that humans do respond with names. We could have any virus. There’s a virus coming up to get you, seems pretty un-specific and vague as a warning.
However when it’s not just any virus but the vookoox virus, suddenly we have something to chew on.

So, for example, instead of using the numbers as to how much co2 this, and co2 that – perhaps it could be like co2 beta releases.
we had version 1 of co2 levels around 100 years back.
now we have version 3.
will we get version 4 – or are we going to roll back to version 2.5?

Or, indeed, we could have names for various effects. like oil extraction levels can be told as storms gathering. (again, each level is a storm with a name)

Perhaps a similar manner can be used for stuff that is nor mally invisible – like work dispute. Erosion of workers rights can be talked of as storms, or heatwave, or indeed as gathering salary clouds – each with a name?