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an unchained blockchain rebel ? an easy way – not running away.

Just had a message that acknowledged a lack in certain messaging
Reciprocity of numbers.
(eg, my line numbers are not as many as yours kinda seeming spirit)

Please bare the sentiment in mind while we swiftly move to point something re Blockchains?

When using an algorithm that tracks your every move as a chained creep waiting to find you out and pounce –
you have an agreement between yourself and an algorithm.
A contract that says something to the tune of:
I, which could be almost anything including a human, agree to let this
CreepyCoin Blockchain to track my moves.
In return
to the creepy experience
I, which could be almost anything including a human, will bestow Numerical Value to
CreepyCoin Blockchain that track my moves.

One side gives value
The otherside gives a service.
Creepyness feels good – value goes up.
Value will go down when creepyness feels too much.

We can say here that crypto blocks chain lives coin lives into contracts.
This is a crontractisation of life.

A contractisation is a kind of an approximation. A contract approximates relationship through formalisation.

Here’s a reminder from the beginning of this note:
Just had a message that acknowledged a lack from a certain messaging
Reciprocity of numbers.
(eg, my line numbers are not as many as yours – Yet) WHaT is the attention in that sentiment?
Is it really to do with numbers?
Is it really to do with less/more?
Or is it a respectful supposition?

In some ways, formalisation of something as dynamic and variable, complex and conflicting as frictions with others – aka relationships – makes life that much simpler.
I don’t need to worry about your childhood, because our contract is that i deliver a pizza, you pay, and i wonder off into the sunset.
Yet, as an animal, if you opened the door crying, or in some seeming distress –
would i not become a material if i wasn’t to at least try to ask about your well being?
Would i not Need to Break the formalisation of a contract?

Some may say that being an animal and all that – is just another, meta contract.
However, if that was the case – there would not be a question coming to mind whether it’s Cool with the other, me breaking that Pizza Delivery contract. It would be pretty clear and evident that we can move on into some formal meta contractual territory.
To put bluntly
if that meta contract was There, stuff like Women free roaming streets Fearlessly() at ANY time wearing ANYthing that FeeLS good, or Black Lives Matter – would not come to life.
(indeed, during covid times, when humans kept distance while walking on pavements, it felt that much safer walking at nights.. There was a certain Contract. We Keep Away. Precisely because there IS NOT some kind of a meta contract.)

Indeed – and here we come to the Crypto Rebel’s daily unchain from blocking blocks –
I’d say that there’s something much more dynamic than contract which is yet very evident despite the unavoidable complexity of our relationships.
From a blockchain perspective, what humans do, is trying not to fail OutSorcing their mutual reSpect-abilities, to contract algorithms.

r.e.s.p.e.c.t that’s what you need to give to me?
do you Feel a need to respect me, or would you rather a contract?
Funny thing is that if you do not fancy respecting me –
you’d need to respect the contract.
Hence the question comes as would you rather respect an algorithm, or some sort of a sentient life?
..and if a sentient life is too complex today – what would you do when the algo comes sentient?

Just had a message that acknowledged a lack based on certain messaging
Reciprocity of numbers.
(eg, my line numbers are not as many as yours)
Or is it a respectful supposition?

Respect has an aspect of acknowledging a difference. I can perceive a difference between us. A supposed difference acknowledgement is like when you go like:
You might think of me as such and such a person, however, my attention is different. (ie, in case interlocutor has a particular bias, you can acknowledge – share that you see it, Spect that bias – and through that allow the other person to either feel respectful and move on, or claim that they infact do not have that bias you supposed. In either cases, it’s a local and temporal movement of acknowledging one another – helps moving on.
A contract, comes as drawing a line between. Making a border together. For me, that kind of a bordered world looks and feels like blocks in a prison.)

a respectful supposition?
That’s a call from and with Respect imho.
I respect you.

What’s a rebel today?
Maybe, precisely since ReSpect lives too dynamically to come coined?
We could do it as a name X is a respect icon.
Or X is a name of a RaspectCoin.
Yet, I think, in both cases – there’s a difference between Name and operation.[]

Like when
an abuser tells a victim
“i respect you”
a RespectCoin is anything but reSpectful