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souls that reveal blockchain’s nudity?


this is a paper to do with doing
“Soul Tokens” –
it’s an attempt to encode your social relationships as You, your very own body and no one else’s.
tbh, the intentions here seem, of face value, sincerely helpful. they recognise that current blockchains will cause havoc.
they do conceive the dangers this encoding of Your social life can bring.
Yet, they seemingly Hope for the best. (in this case, without much preparations for a possible worst.)
this is not a trivial paper, as it comes from pretty central figures in blockchain space – a decentralised network* with some pretty central nodes?

i wonder whether the whole idea, a human commotion towards de-centralised networks, has no problematics of ideology in it.
Networks don’t come decentralised. They have nodes, they have centres that then compete to devour the other, one way or another.

to do decentralisation, i think we need to go beyond networks and system thinking.