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a privilege of thought without thinking ??

recently, i noticed without giving a consideration, that a former potus* said something to the tune:
when you are the potus*, if you think of something as de-classified – it is!
there’s no need for a human in a certain space to go through certain practices others have to.
a human in a certain position-place (popla), can simply Think
and the thoughtmake(s) (thomak) the noetic social compositions (socomposi) –
correspond with that particular thought (partho).
a human in a certain popla thomaking socomposi
others – can not.
and that popla?
*president of usa.
potus can go for a walk, feel a need for a car, thomak your car – theirs.
you can claim it is yourcar (yoca) – but since that the yoca sensation comes as socomposi where others have to agree, and potus thomak alters any socomposi,
the car becomes potus yoca.
in a popla where all thoughts come connected, some thoughts can come before the law, aka privileged – others within the law, and yet others, exo-lage or outside the law and anti-law.
the question of privilege comes nowadays as a popla oriented. a position in a given place offers life before law in a way that Makes the law.
i think of X as Legal, then it is.
I think of yoca, popla, socomposi, as legal in this text as legal, and that partho thomak these terms into possible accepted in this text.
This might come slightly different in case You typed a text and I began making words out of it + inserted them into the said text, yes?
Something in the range of Respect, I
might come into question between us.
when a potus thomak laws, they might claim, like humans tend to claim in authoritarian societies, that
the social comes as a property of the collective’s humanised representation – aka ruler. aka the rule maker.
potus, from an authoritarian mind point of view
comes absolutely correct.
the thoughtful question might come as what kind of forces we fancy let lose in our social lives?
does the force of me typing things like socomposi and yoca, thomak you feel violated?
in case i did make you feel violated,
how do we allow making stuff that has yet to come into some kind of a convention – legal or otherwise – have a space shared between us, without the kind of violenceva former potus makes me – and possibly others – feel violated by?