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from south america with love ?

a band of superheros from bolivia noticed in kemptown, brighton, britain, a pub who’s owners decided workers should do their job without pay.
they came to teach people how to organise and demand their pay.
this, in a wake of a fair few superbeings from the americas who came to visit europe and became shocked and alarmed at how abuse of humans in europe is taken as an accepted practice.

{let’s run this again}

i think there’s a group of people. they are from south america – and they want to people to know that.
it seems to me that they come to help people in europe – despite the fact that europe wasn’t, on the whole, very nice to fellow humans in south america.
through music and dance, these people, these heroe-kinda-people, focus attention on various abuses of power in europe. they noticed that there’s this pub in kemptown, brighton, britain, where owners refuse to pay workers. today they organised a demonstration to focus attentions on that abuse.

{…and again}

there are some boliveristas – or some such – that seem to tour europe in search of causes to help with. no idea why. at any rate, apparently searching for causes to help with – is pretty damn easy in europe. they say that european culture doesn’t just do harm for others – but comes with a fascination for self destruction. kinda – destroy others as you destroy yourself sort of a logic.
so, this band with south-american minds, decided that perhaps humans in europe are unable to perceive abuse. maybe it’s so rife – seems invisible.
today they decided to focus on a pub in kemptown, an area in brighton, a city in britain – one of the richest countries on earth. since around march 2021, some say february 2021, the pub owners decided to refuse paying their workers.