1. general

metabolic (I)(co)In – or simply, a metabolic value economy?

We sit and have a coffee.

The coffee looks into your eye, your eye into your mind, and a mindful reflective fluctuating coffee sensation comes to life. A sensation made via coffee memories intermorphing with sensations from a body felt from the inside?

That’s the kind of stuff we can not live without producing.
That kind of process is how imaginations for themselves are born and ask to come shared one way or another.
Here’s someone walking through the door.
I asked them whether they fancy that coffee oriented (I)(co)In.
Let’s say for this instance that they actually kinda fancied that (I)(co)In.
That Fancy, by coming to life, transformed the (I)(co)In into a coin. A currency unit.
That coin, through their fancy, came to life and appeared infront of the barista.
“Would you have me for your coffee?”
The barista claimed that coin was mad and bad and didn’t want Anything to do with it. However, the cafe owner, the local Dio, said they actually had a friction with that coin. They vibrate with that not too badly nor madly.
So, the person paid with Half of that coin for a bit of the coffee.
I got the other half, that’s now worth an equivalent of half a coffee- or so.