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bent spiritsz ?

there’s a certain current to do with

This isn’t entirely Spirit in the way of connecting all sorts into a new kind of life – like a spirit of a nation, however a spirit of a nation, or a notion, can Haunt.
The spirit of an enslaving nation haunts britain – great and otherwise. The notion of national spirits haunts, imho, anyone who touches it – since the very notion requires administering constant violence on animals who happen to be needed inside the spirit of a national notion. ie Humans have to be coerced into that national notion.()
At any rate,
what comes here has to do with a sensation that Spirit of which ever orientation has to come imagined as Ready Bent.
Using the Bent, and Bias, and Turned, and Fold kinda language here since it seems to enable a move wider than Past that Haunting come twistedly entangled with.
Indeed, there’s a possible connection to be made between Specter and Ghosts-come-Haunting_elements.
However, perhaps since the specter itself can not but come biased – perhaps we simply need to do more Biasing, go directly into the ranges of spectra?
Perhaps sounds enticing.

I think though that to have an integrity with the very sensation of some kind of an inherent Twist, eg, I am twisting things here from my life into English of some kind.[]

Perhaps we need spectra – ranges – of Twistophillia rather than a twistology?
Love the bias, don’t subject it to a logus?
BiasTrophe? ie empathy with the twisted? A fold into the bias?

(Many can easily argue I am utterly wrong-mistaken here, since Nationalism is probably the Most Successful of all modern Isms – including common and capital.)

that’s how the “english” in these texts some may hear as “wtf”.
eg, attempting to move on from the Be into a living Come. How X come, rather than how X is.
I come calm today, rather than: I am calm today.
How come you? rather than: How are you?
feel the difference..?