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a case against ReCogNition(Ism) ?

OK.. Please bare with me here.. Are they saying we should not Re-cognise stuff?
Not exactly.
Let’s say it like this:
Suppose i said that i was a melode. No one knows what’s melode, however, i say that i am some kind of a Melode. It sounds like a word in english, we speak english, it can work. (let’s go meloding, I have been meloded, we are all melodes – and so on. Perhaps according to some spelling rules it should come with a double l. Anyway..
I AM A Melode.
Now, say, someone comes and says:
Yes! By God – You are a Melode indeed!!
They now Re-cognised me as a Melode!
However This melode comes, however it is twisted – now received an extra swivel through some person merely emphesising my own self bias as conceiving myself as a Melode.
words –
re cognition can
come as
a conservative move.
Hence, when we say say stuff like:
Theis person you think looks like a man – is actually neither a man nor a woman. And that woman looking human over there? They are actually in transition to a biovehicle, and the other human over there? Well, they have neither sex nor gender – and so on..
Conservative minds find these very hard imho – precisely because, as They say, they rather fancy “calling a spade a spade”.
..and you see?
a spade is never just a spade nor a spade but a cosmos of possibilities that, at times, come spade-like but need not.
Perhaps like recognitions themselves?