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intervals from WonKK and WonkYY ?

Wonkk and WonkYY come different to Wonk and Wonky since the 1st pair twists in other ways than the 2nd.
These twists, I think, take wonkk and wonkyy slightly away from the tradiional biases we developed for wonky and wonk.

Sure, all that might sound a bit of a Wank. however it fails – for me – to come for self-joy that feels full-filled or fulfilling.

What wonkk and wonkyy do, which neither Wonky, wonk nor Wonkky make, comes as a compositional turn in space and history.
A noetic twist which recalls echos from when UU came for what we now use as W. Hence the letter’s name. A Turn to considering the visuality of letters, words and how these signs fail coming as mere marks that refer to stuff other than themselves, but also produce their own ripples of life’s joys.
Joys that come always in their own Wonks.

When Wonk and wonky refer to stuff in the range of old school “girly” (from Wench), to Shaky and seemingly out-of-place (as in badly made composition), to overly stoudious – kinda nerd – person (again, outside of the “cool crowd” – as the term was developed in usa unis), and with such an outsider’s twist to come worthy of contemptability as a Wanker.

I think we can embrace all these Wonkyness range and go further with Wonkk and Wonkyy. Wonkyness, it feels to me, comes with slightly different capacities than stuff like Weird (connected with magic and witches), Strange (linked with relationship to normativity) and Queer which moves more into the curiously odd, peculiar and perverse (though still with a history from the Twistingness range). Perhaps Queerness comes similar to Wonkness in the way that the oddities have a lot to do with one’s own body – ie how a person thinks – rather than an environmental endued or referred-to twist. ( weird comes in connection with activities to do with magic, strange has to do with what comes unusual, hence out of a certain habituated repetition.)
I think
Come mutually exclusive.
The queer and the strange, the weird and wonky – all have some stuff in common ofcourse. However,
the interest here comes to focus
how the wonkk and wonkyy can take us to imagine other than the wonk, the weird, the strange and queer.
An imagination that comes through wonkk itself, and imagines only how wonkyy lives. (ie, it’s not the usual use of Imagination that wonders about something other than itself. like, how will it feel if i swam inside a watermelon? That’s a call to do an action – even if an imaginary one – that in itself imagines the words as prompts for stuff other than themselves.)
A wonkk comes as the body that imagines wonkyyness, which comes as itself. Yet, this seeming immanence comes with a transcendency as well..Like wonkk comes different from wonk as Work differs from Workk, and WaNNDDer from Wander, a World from a Woorlld, and so on. ie the question from W’s past as UU – and how the differences introduce their own new range of sprectra.