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beyond hierarchies ??

About a year ago, i did a sailing cert. Day Skipper.
The instructor, at some point when talking about dealing with severe situations, mentioned that skippers/captains of a boat should come protected more than the other crew members.
They excused the idea by claiming that in case the captain’s gone, the other crew might not know what to do. ie, better put less experienced crew in dangerous position, since if something will happen to them –
then the rest of the crew has more chances to find safety, if the person who’s harmed was the captain.

Afterall, suppose you joined a sailing yacht, suddenly a storm came and someone was thrown overboard. Should the person who’s more capable in steering the boat come forward as the one leaning overboard trying to help whoever fell back in?

Yest, I’d say that a proficient captain does something very different. A capable captain
has an experience, vision and creativity to prepare and improvise so that in a harsh scenario – other’s lives will come protected.
Indeed, i’d say that in case the captain isn’t capable in Prometheusing – perhaps they should not do much boat/yacht captaining?

ie, the seeming hierarchy in a boat – an operating organization for friction between land creatures and the seas – comes as a sequence of acts, not as a principle move with.
when i sail with others, we agree how we sail generally – together. before certain things need to come, like turning, going back, raising/lowering sails, etc. – there’s a discussion about the possibilities, and we end up doing things together.

may seem wetly remote and far in forgotten oceans. However
just noticed an article about the war in Ukraine and army behaviour towards it’s own members.
The unit has to do reconnaissance every night.
Who goes in the 1st line?
Who comes in the 2nd line?
Who keeps well behind these lines?

The idea comes as:
hey, when 1st line gets shot at, the 2nd and 3rd are both more proficient and able to pick up where fire comes from, deal with that, and give chances for most of the units members to survive.

Does this not remind anyone how, for example, credit comes circulated in capitalist culture?
In case you have no experience but in need of money – Interest payments come high. (indeed, at times only loan sharks will do.)
In case you managed somehow to get past the 1st hurdles and proved yourself as able to pay the higher rates, then
you can get lower rates.
In case you come as a state in need, like Western Sahara – your credit rating will come far bellow a state with much more means. eg, your enemy like Morocco, or seemingly unrelated – France or GB.