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was i wrong about #brexit ??

i was against brexit.
one of the so called reasons in mind for being against uk leaving the eu was a concern that such a move will result in an ever smaller state that shrinks public spaces, funds and support to bare tokenism.
according to this text – maybe i was wrong!
it claims, via supporting facts from city economists as well as boe, treasury and obr – (i am yet to find the sources) – that since brexit reduced a lot of investments and trade, uk.gov can not do it’s craved tax cutting measures.
in otherwords:
brexit’s fails come as possible social gains. they can not afford to cut tax since, if they did, even the barest of public funding will disappear into a question:
if the uk.gov gives nothing but support for business, then perhaps we need no gov in the uk.
A Question that was rather common in 18th through to early 20th centuries. once uk.gov realised it’s an idea to invest in public, certain anarchic and social movements became to sound a bit old fashioned…
will brexit bring ’em back??

will brexit, that was fueled by fading and hazy notions of british empire and glorious as that – will usher in an anarchic england, scotland, wales and a newly integrated ireland? (..perhaps the whole of the uk.gov will move to belfast as the last bastion of GB, while leaving the rest to anarchise the island?)
that could be slightly anti-establishment..