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an Ex Ex Xplainer ??

** Why do you keep explaining things to me?

++ Hummm.. Probably so you could, err, Understand?

** Do you think I am stupid?

++ No! Surely not.

** Do you think I don’t know stuff? That I am an ignorant person?

++ No! You should not feel like that!

** Maybe because you explain rather than converse, discuss, ask?

++ Semantics. What is the difference.

** Question marks and irrelevant rhetorical questions you ask yourself, for starters.

++ You are being illogical. Calm down.

** What exactly comes into the range of logicality in what I have just said? If you can not think of other than a semantic difference between ways of listening to each other and you telling me your opinion masquerading as “how things are”?

++ Why do you have to make things so complicated? What are you on about?!?

** Lets try again.. Seed planting.. Why must you try to explain?

++ Otherwise, why would you ask about seed planting?

** I was trying to wonder how could we, together, plant seeds. As something to do. A together kinda thing.

++ But 1st you need to know about seed planting. Surely.

** How do you know I don’t?

++ I wasn’t sure you don’t know, that is why I told you!

** Are you saying that you didn’t know whether or not I have a clue about seeding and planting, so you had to explain things, just in case?

++ No. I was telling you what I know. That isn’t explaining. That’s sharing.

** What scent flew into your thoughts to indicate that what you happened to know is actually relevant?

++ Memories of freshly picked flowers after gardening lessons in school.

** Bravo. Yes.. Forgot about that. How cruel is my fickle memory, hey? You also studied history – does it make you an expert, or an historian?

++ I think I know history better than someone who did not learn it in school.

** If school classes are your way of figuring out knowledge levels, perhaps you forgot to think.

++ No need to nuke me with nasties just because we disagree.

** You went to school 20 years ago.. School level is never anywhere like cutting edge..

++ Well.. I read some books about gardening. You know I want to give more time for our garden.

** Yes.. I know. Why I got some seeds for us..

++ So.. You agree with me after all!

** Maybe only in your mind.

++ How else can I understand this?

** Look. Simple.. I got different types of seeds for various plants and seasons, because I don’t understand something?

++ Ofcourse! I still love you. But if you knew something about seeds, you would not buy them in the way you did.

** Oh really? “Still love” me. Sounds like Stale Love.

++ Nothing I ever say feels right for you. What have I done to justify this relentlessly punishing attitude?

** I was thinking we, together, could plan and plant in our new garden together. As something nice for us to do, you know. I was un-sure when we’d begin and how, so got a variety of options. However – that comes as an ignorant thing to do?!

++ Why didn’t you explain it 1st?

** Hummmm… And 3 weeks ago, when we were choosing curtains; was it absolutely crucial to explain the differences between green, and brown colours on fabrics?

++ Did you know of all these psychological studies?

** You could have just said that greenness from fabrics, makes You feel sadness. At least then I might have a better memory of what you actually said!

++ What’s wrong with you? Why so negative?

** How about constantly explaining to me about food, and the weather, my relationship with friends…

++ I am just trying to help!

** Who? Yourself?


While this dialogue comes genuine – it also Feels crassly written.