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i say deleticide & you??

We have a group of people that keep saying something to the tune of:
HeY!! Yo! We LiVe!! We nEEd some respect. You know, if you cut us – we do bleed. If you bleed us – it hurts. If it hurts, and you don’t stop hurting – we get this weird feeling of disrespect and all that. If we feel all that range of feelings that sticks around a disrespected, an ignored, life – what kind of a sociopathic society gets away with inflicting these kind of conditions onto another?

We have a group of people that keep saying something to the tune of:
Don’t call us sociopathic. How dare you! Where’s your empathy?!?!?!? Do you know what we’ve been through?
And anyway, regardless – you really don’t exist. We know who you don’t really come as a nation, not really a people, and you live without any culture nor proper – aka modern – society. You pretend to exist only, and just because no other reason than hate. You! Hate! Us! Just go away!

So here comes a prime ministerial blue marker that draws lines on a piece of paper. Lines that come todo a familiar shape of borders where one group of people, by the stroke of ink, gets deleted in front of the whole world.

…and here go them bombs that bomb bombed, unbombed, and bombing booming bombs unboomed, and bombing unbombed booming bombed unboomed, and rebomb bombed rebomb unbomb booming bomb bombs bombing bombed rebobombed unbombed without anyone able to debomb any bomb bound minds since when minds and bombs boom together – we get some special kind of zombies that live x generations and can never create but re/un/re/generate.

so and here comes a witness with a rear mirror look. A view for the past attempting to get morphed onto the wit that perceives something and keep begging for a name.
A genocide?
I suggest something different – perhaps an attempt to remove something that just keeps sticking around? We have a word for that –
DeLete.(de —- remove/take away. Lete — from (s)Lei, where we get stuff like slime,)
..and what do we get when Deleting meets some kind of mass killings?