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truth and and stable-instableness irreconcilability ? aka workshops that will never happen ;)

How life comes fearless of concepts?

A few lines from last night, post the truth and… workshop; where a few human traces bumped in a train stration waiting for a train that never came.
The waiting came fluctuating fast and breathlessly between promises of arrival, bombs that never were, and adjustments of said promises – without notification.
See, truth requiresinstability, otherwise it’s Krashed by repeated satisfaction that’s theatricalising desire into it’s own show of tragic shake. (bernard nicknamed william “shake”)

There was a question that floated into this morning’s bus ride:
How was the workshop behind the, Yeh! Fab!!!! (which it was, however, that’s riding a vibe without reflecting on it. Like a learner surfer attempting to simply stand up on a board while cosmically delighted by the incredible vibe.)

* Voice kinds – how a contribution to truth oriented workshop may flect with a condition that various humans rather contribute using different manners. (speech, text, drawings)

* Place temporal dimensions – how feedback alters in time. ie, once a person reflects on an initial feedback which then gets matured. (perhaps can come as q&a on following days?)

* Power dimensions – how a conversation can be allowed to escape members being seen, or feeling the risk, of taken to be stupid – or worst – and then driven to attack and defend positions like an army general from a war for anachronism – instead of, errr, a chat kinda thing??

* A workshop group dimension – that’s where something like a discord can com into play. to help perhaps keep connections, themes and links (as in, hey, noticed this and that which may fit into the range of stuff you research).
i think this group dimension can save a workshop from becoming merely a show on a CV in one form or another. It seems there’s an event() lurking in any encounter, it just requires time. Be it a quick flash of initial encounters, or something that requires longer to fruit out. (a radical change that alters a perceived range of possibilities. too much badiou??)