1. general

how to surf every each and any space – without coming forever becoming Deleuze nor a river?

someone had what felt like a bit of a dig@me by noting (correctly, imho) that i tend to worry (i’d say perceive-concern) about that which tends to not Happen yet, and
with some high probability – might Not Happen.

As a surfer, you Hunt movements.
You sit there in the water and Hunt for ripples in the distance. Rippling in the water that will become Waves.
Naively, it seems like working out a Trajectory (hi mr D) and placing yourself in the path.
However, what really happens is a feeling, a hunting of a waves’ spectrum and velocity in relation to your own.

For me, sitting waiting for waves comes a bit too slow. With windsurfing, we have a constant multi dimensional surfing with winds, angles to and with waves and the winds and indeed the board range of characteristics as well.

This is, that it’s hard for me Not to perceive all that can come into frictions with me as some kind of a surfing relationship.
It’s hard because I DO NOT WANT to hunt humans, not even mind hunting. Though perhaps it should be thought of as Mutual surfing rather than hunting?
Afterall, I never killed a wave or a wind – yet in my mind, i hunted many.

surfing with the fact that a person wants to do something that i might not be into – isn’t a question of capturing them, but recognising their range – their spectrum, their spirit of mind.
surfing with a person that wants to walk in a cold blistery night, is just being honest and saying –
hey, that’s not for me – or the other option.
both come as movements With their waves’ spectrum.

Smiling to a person with an idea to make a connection that will then be used for your advantage is a hunting.
Or like with myself, that i rather breath than smile – when humans demand a smile – it feels like i am being hunted.
Therefore i try surfing with them:
yes.. smiles are fab, until they meet smilism, hey? 😉
and the joke gets lost in a wave of gusty wind..