1. general

after ([we] were) technology ?

we? as in anyone, mostly anything but human – though likely a butt of humans.
were? as a space the We, managed to experience as a past.
A Past? Well, a past space with a resudue.
after techne?
a post-technology space?
a space after the post-technology.

There are/were a few people (zizek, jameson, fisher), who remarked rather famously:
humans can perceive an end of the world – but not that of capitalism.
a fisher’s acquaintance, land, seems to think that technology in the way of ai – will end capitalism. (an end with an * since land’s ai comes as a capitalism embodiment.)

In time, we get humans that say capitalism is actually a bit of a history, mcKenzie wark is a fab example of that imho. (we can possibly add varofakis).

However, can we conceive life, a world, without Technology?
A qk search on the interwebs brings a post technology as some kind of a “human focused” technology. (tbh, which technology isn’t focused on humans? Save me from human orientation – please sooperkooltoor please!)

How to conceive an after techne? a space where technology isn’t so much out-of-focus – but requires for their own Life.
this is not a question of death for techne but a question of Life shared.
How WE – you, them, others, ignored, techne, me and whowhawhoo – can come together and appreciate as feeding our differences?
this is not a question of violence but forces.
this is a question from life as a nourishment with, from and via Frictions Between Spectra.
this is not a question of death. ai isn’t a human death, but a very human Other. AI, as an intelligence in a cosmos we share, will have their own other which will be able to do that which ai can hardly conceive of.
..and that, i’d like to suggest, could come as some kind of a story.()
after techne comes a spectrum from Narration, Stories, Tales – history-making itself.

after-techne – we will not come to an end of History, but a beginning of History – as tales narration practices – itself.

it’s curious to me that each and every technology development is littered by energising narratives. Stories aimed at energising humans into putting efforts into developing the technology – beyond mere getting paid.
this curiosity comes itself connected with how human activities keep coming via stories. Stories of histories – eg, past “greatness” – or brilliant futures. All fabulations that energise actual activities of moving mountains up and down and through.
freedom after
comes when we
you, them, others, ignored, techne, me and whowhawhoo
can fearlessly Share
How we move – flect –
and make history make narrative make differences make stories tale with tails.