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blockchains and tickets

it is fairly common, when going to an event – to be asked to buy a ticket for entering the space. A film, a festival, an exhibition, a show, and such like – stuff that’s made from, by, through and for culture – tend to require some kind of a value exchange. Give some number value that can be exchanged with some other stuff – and get to experience stuff like a film in a cinema, a show, and so on.

In some ways, it is easy – all too easy – to think of someone producing a blockchain specific to cultural events. Some currency that will keep users in a network of culture oriented events (however these may be categorised is beyond this note), which will produce value exchangables that users can redeem, sell or gain interest on.
Partly, it’s a sort of automation – and legitimisation – of so called black market ticket sales. Where humans buy tickets for a certain thing, then try to sell these tickets themselves for a profit.

I think the fact this idea seems so easy to do, perhaps sensible for some minds, maybe even feel like an inevitability for the development of financing cultural stuff – makes the whole value exchange culture seem conservative and possibly archaic at that.

Paying for something so that the audience will bring that Thing into their own culture. Since humans can not live without culture, this is a placing of value on getting in contact with that which one way or another will come into your life/culture – comes as values to replace qualities.
Humans’ culture has qualities that energise fluctuations and attendance emergence (stuff we attend-to/care-for/commune-with).
What’s the value for a quality such as one’s attention to the way attempting to understand another – can in itself violate the other?
In a culture where everything can get a value, the process will produce a value to everyone. Your life = PutYourCultureCoinNumberHere ??

this is not a very well written note :(
i think it reads angry, hence jumps a bit from one thing to another without taking the steps between. for example - how come the whole culture becomes value based while neglecting or pretending qualities aren't There as stuff that escapes valuation?
or, how the whole blockchain values shebang - the usage of blockchains to attach values to humans and other elements involved, is in fact conservative?