1. art notes

gap language distance – a few thoughts

They want me to do an image.
The image will be a qr code for a website.
The website content will be the language from and of gaps and distances developed through the covid period.
The image will be part in an exhibition of works to do with covid period.
It seems the distances-gaps language could come smooth since the show will be in brazil, and i seem to think that these changes in space between humans, came to all of us. Even as an element that was either avoided (eg, not keeping distance from others, or not Able to keep distance because having to go and work. In both cases, because of the overall unfamiliar question of how to do the spaces between humans – comes alive in various dimensions. In the 1st case of refusal we get a new space of a gap created between those who feel the covid distance oriented asks are to be avoided, and those who think otherwise; and the 2nd example revealed an economic muscle gap between society’s Haves and the ones that depend of daily survival.)

Going back to the exhibition, the qr code will be printed on a black/white (WHY))) paper.
The print will be displayed on a wall, as near a corner as possible.
Now, it seems that simply displaying will defeat the whole process of placing the qrcode in a room and ask humans to treat it as an exhibit. Some kind of a visual disregard to human intelligence. Afterall, why use wall space when you could simply message all comers with a link to the website, or give a leaflet with the qrcode as they enter the show. I think there’s a question, when using digital connected stuff in a bricks and mortar oriented space, how to treat the digital oriented stuff since it – that digital stuff – can come encountered in ways something like a painting composed by chemicals can do differently.

Since the subject of the qrcode, the website’s content at the end of the clicks, has to do with cultural spaces between – it seems that perhaps embodying the question through the act of viewing and connecting with the qrcode itself, can come as an extra dimension afforded by the gallery space itself.
Therefore, it seems that placing the code print near a corner, poses an immediate question of how the space between it (the print) and other stuff in the show works. More-over, for a viewer, the question of how to position their body in space, in the gap between them, the print and the adjacent wall – begins to become evident.
To emphasis that, it seems that placing the print low on the wall, can create a dimension of the body itself as a space-maker. Once a human bends, and how they bend down, makes a different kind of space between – and spatial reflexivity with – other stuff around. (humans, walls, possibly other objects.)

To support the content at the other end of the qrcode, and to respect the fact the qrcode is presented in a certain space of exhibition – an exhibitive space – we can riff off from the gap and distance signs used for covid.
The lines that indicated distances to be kept, and appeared in human habitats all over the globe. Signs that, for me, began to the process of doing the space-between language.


Notice that the spaces between, and their signage, come differently. These differences between various societies and cultures regarding the sharing the need for distance signs and how to treat them, comes as an opportunity to create signs of distance that may remind the ones from covid – but also add the dimension of connection with the qrcode print; and the sense of how arbitrary comes about. (something that has other connected flexions, however perhaps not for here and now of this text.)

The current suggestion for the show is to place the qrcode print low on the wall, with the gap to the ceiling indicated with sticky tapes and a note indicating it’s a human height. On the floor, a similar arrangement can be made, by indicating 6 feet and another by 12.9 masks.
These units can change to possibly some more evocative stuff..??

Another question is that of naming the website. Something I thought will be the bulk of the note here – but got sidetracked 😉

What comes between spaces, gaps and distances.. Had a title that involved them kissing through one another yesterday – however not entirely clear about it today..

Kissing from between gaps and distances through spaces between?