1. art notes

mental feeling mental ?

Let’s say a person has a head ache.
They might react to things slightly slowly, and may beg a bit of forgiveness for – they have a head ache.
Everyone involved suppose that the head ache will be gone within a relatively short period and the whole extra attention to the person’s painful head – will come irrelevant.

Let’s say it’s a migraine that we are talking about. Again, I think that humans meeting a person with a migraine – are likely to do stuff accommodating the migrainic person.

Does this work similar with Mental stuff?
Say a person is sightly more Hyper than most; or perhaps more attentive to their anxieties –
the person with the mental condition is likely to feel a bit self consciously less than comfortable +
humans are likely to feel less patient with some kind of mental “abnormality” than with an equivalent physical one?

I wonder whether there’s a question of formal “diagnosis”.
One human may think of another as slightly “too anxious” – and behave towards them in a certain manner, let’s call this Z.
However, if the same “too anxious” person told their friend who reacted in Z way that a Dr said they have an “Anxious Personality” – why do i feel
that it’s likely the same person who had manner Z with the anxiety, is likely to react a new way, let’s call it N.

I think it’s kinda curious that humans seem to Need
a social recognised approval for such and such DifferencE – for that diffeRence to come more “acceptable”.
Hence we keep getting stuff like ever increasing gender names and definitions – gender is funny since it’s not social, but as individually personal as we can get +
it keeps moving throughout one’s life!