1. art notes

what do stories wish ?

it occurs to me in many ways that beyond knowledge, being and transcendence; past objects, things, and concepts; pre conceptions, perceptions, categories and judgements –
it seems to me
we have to connect with
narratives come stories.

a slap from a human within a narrative of an enemy, will never feel – as the song goes – like a kiss.
an ultraviolent act comes as an action that violates you while attempting to couch that action that feels Wrong to the core – in a story, a narrative that will shape what you know, how you connect things beyond themselves, and how you are.

indeed, it seems that languages in which male comes as a dominant form – step through cultures with narratives of male deities. It’s not the case where female deities are more prominent in cultural narratives.
hard to tell which comes 1st here, language or narrative ofcourse, so maybe not the right sort of example to prove a point – but a sample of a question kind that makes it
and feel
for me
that stories and narratives() shape stuff.
they are like the fluctuations that move energies into some kind of shapes and forms.

however, i am not so sure that if i was a narrative, i’d like to be told as a story shaped like:
Once upon a time – blahblah and so on.
Indeed, if i was a story already being told, perhaps i’d feel a bit divorced, estranged and alienated from my narrative – if i was given a particular shape like:
i’d feel fraudulent.

narratives in this case, might be a certain general story that comes told in various shapes.