1. art notes

how to – Pick A Nik ??

A pickNik comes as a bias – a twist-towards K or in a direction of K.
PickAnik comes as
Niknikking stuff.
Say a person likes to smile?
A smileNik.
A wind too harsh on a cloud?
A cloudNik wind.
A crack with a pink haze?
A pinkNik crack.
A haze of pink that’s attracted to cracks?
A crackNik pink haze.
A crocodile that likes to dream of flying marsians?
A marsians flight dreamNik croc.

Now we can have a DreamNik in a CrackNik of a SmileNik’s PinkNik windy CloudNik while marsians fly through a crocodile’s mind?

A botNik might feed this to an ML corpus, and I wonder what kind of biasnikisation will come to life.