1. art notes

stealing theatre ?

There’s a post about middle aged women in the UK feeling an Urge to steal – nick – stuff from shops.

What’s curious for me, comes after the * at the very bottom end.
There’s a statement about the whole writing About feeling the Urge – so that the writer will Not follow through.

Let’s make a bit of a jump here?

Where the writing comes as a form of Doing so that what the subject written about need not be Felt as an Urge to be done –
is this a sort of catharsis?
is this is a range of “Hey, we talked About the revolution – now let’s have a drink and enjoy the sunset!” kinda sensation?

is this why i am suspicious of the Meta and fancy doing it as a way that Creates itself?
A disinterest in hearing about the sensations of sunsets windy colours over in Saturn, but a fascination with windy-colourness and it’s bendy windows as a spectra of sensations that creates themselves into a unique infinity?
(sounds like a bullshit poetry, i know.. but i don’t mean it as such!! lol Arrrggghhh..)