1. art notes

this post needs to be stolen

Someone’s reading “The book thief” next to me in a cafe.
Did you nick the book?

How would it come if there’s a book that Can not Come unless Stolen?

Does it have to come beyond the imagination of a book can be read ONLY after a reader becomes their Thief?

Perhaps the imagination itself is misleading here because it presumes – talks about – an action Beyond the imagined. Some act that follows the imagined sequence of reading a book. This kind of an imagination requires a Book (an object, not an imagination), an act of stealing (an action that’s different from the act of imagining), a person that’s performing a thieving act – something that is away from the imaginal motion, a move that bends out of it’s own fluctuative qualities.
A seeming illogical move, yet something it’s hard to consider a rock or a human living differently.

A friend just suggested an AI could get involved.

We could have:

an ai that will write the book through the very thief -act, to make it the story for the next reader..
a noetic poesis oFfromVia stealing..?

This might actually take to an curious space.. It seems there’s a call to attempt a transFormative, rather than InFormative, techne as some kind of a junctions of tranformation that could come in any way required as long as they TakeAway via a need which refuses the law??