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changes with coffee in mind ?

Some ppl, people and humans too, go something like this:
I have done thisNthat most of mylife.
thisNthat is really something that should
However, Ima not gonna change since:
already damned.
not going to alter anything, really.
maybe later in life, possibly tomorrow.
it’s too hard – there are so many things to change, let’s add it to the list of things todo
possibly when tomorrow’s tomorrow comes?

Some years ago, i did manage to do something, change
from drinking coffee with sugar, to drinking coffee.
just the coffee.

However, Ima not a good example for a WE kinda change needs:
Ima kinda change, doesn’t alter an infrastructure.
a We requires an infrastructure to come to life with, a skeleton to systemise.

Some way to compare the different kinds of changes, could come via thinking dictator style.
Let’s say
I didn’t just
want to have coffee on
it’s own, but that no one
will ever come to mix sugar in
coffee ever again? What would
need to come done
then, and crucially –
how’s how?