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energy strikes back ?

there’s a campaign to stop paying energy bills in the uk.

Would i join the don’t pay push?
most likely – no.()

Why? After-all, it’s fab that humans come together in hope to stop
them energy companies from profiteering from a war.
However, let’s say dontpay.uk gets exactly what they want.
Let’s say they are correct and circa 1 million people stop paying energy bills, and that leads to some kind of a massive and palpable reduction of bills price. Say we get to pay them like we did in 2020 – or something like that.
What has changed?
Some say, in case of a dontpay.uk win, then the energy companies will Learn a lesson.
Some say, in case of a dontpay.uk win, then people’s lives in the UK will become slightly more bearable.
However, in my mind, this is not much of a change as it is an alteration in power relations. The energy companies currently say like:
We are so powerful, let’s see if we can get away with So many billions kinda profit.
A dontpay.uk/ win will say:
No energy companies, we energy payers are actually more powerful than you thought. Therefore, you can only get away with slightly less profits.
Sure, this kind of a power-relation alteration could be exiting, fun and some kind of a bench mark for later energy crisis.

However, in my mind, the “later energy crisis” comes as a pivotal point here.
A change, rather than some kind of a deck alteration,
might be using this crisis of energy pay,
for attending the overall energy crisis.

Do we want to spend all that energy and time and attention for simply making the uk
energy companies charge less?
Do we simply fancy at the very least to get energy companies reduce their profits?

dontpay.uk/ wants people to stop direct debits payed to energy companies.
How about diverting these payments towards a fund for a free renewable energy???

Will not go on here to elaborate the idea.
Just throwing something to illustrate that Yes, there could be a push for a change. A change in the UK and beyond IMHO.
Perhaps that’s still not a valid reason for Not joining dontpay.uk … 😉

pretty doubtful whether i join might have much effect on the outcome. 😉