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this may sound Cold – what’s the language for financial profiting from human blood??

In the past few days, the ukrainian army managed to kill more humans from the other army, and less of it’s own forces.
(friendly fire accounts for much human deaths in conflicts..)
therefore push the other army – aka russian – out of large parts of north east ukraine.

Much of that action came to light over the weekend.
On weekends, in the west, stock exchanges are shut.
Today, Monday, stock exchanges opened up and reacted to the new situation in north east ukraine.
Some humans, far away from ukraines’ blood soaked dark and fertile lands, have gathered a lot of money. This money would have not gone in the direction of these humans, if the situation in north east ukraine remained, roughly, as it was this time last week.

It’s hard not to wonder how the sensations – the shared imagined vibrations, aka Language – come through these kind of financial life.

How would someone pulling a trigger to kill a person in front of them could feel while thinking of a counterpart in, say, London stock exchange.
A counterpart who will, a day later, push their own trigger to, for example, affect a beneficial increase in the GBP value.
Indeed, I wonder how that fighter’s counterpart in london may feel while profiting through the knowledge of what happened a day or so prior – in the blood soaked lands of one of the most fertile regions in the known universe.
A region of dark and darkening earth.