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what’s so wrong about technonarratology ?

yes – techno-narratology.
the study of narrative structures in technology?
maybe not so much Structures but their study – how stories technology make, and how technology comes with story-making abilities, Plus the stories that make technologies, And reading of digital technologies as Narratives. Programs, Corpuses, algorithms and other biases –
as stories in an of themselves?

What’s so wrong in all that technonarratology??

Let’s ask the Logy?
How about technonarratophilia.
What about this philia replacing logia?
What happens when Love replaces Logic?

These are different kinds of thinking and reflecting practices. One attempts to extract a knowledge and approximation from Techne through narrative spectra
Another comes with an attempt to connect with Techne stories that live outside conditions. Perhaps noumenonical, perhaps even narratives outside of techne themselves – since techne requires conditions and love lives without them?