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a climate + colonial connecting thought – stoopid??

I keep feeling a bit stupid thinking along the lines:

We have a hell freaking problem to live with earth’s climate changing.

We in da UK have a debt to pay via colonial recent future a way back past.

We in the uk can – have the means, technologies, spaces and time – do something which can assist towards helping the future life on earth + giving (if not strictly paying) to societies, cultures, nations and states we still thrive from payback free.

North sea energy farms to use tide, winds, and summertime light. Give that energy free of charge to all ex-colonies.

Will it be enough energy?
Apparently, the uk’s north atlantic bit, comes to circa size of india.
Apparently, europe is looking at north sea offshore power to do 50% of eu’s energy in the near future.

It’s hard to think that places like Kenya or India, Nigeria or South Africa and Zimbabwe, will not be less incentivized to use fossil fuels – if they get free clean energy.

A big ask and possibly a bit silly too.
However, tbh, yet to hear anything convincing enough for not trying.

Demand the cosmos – maybe settle for the universe??