1. general

“theory of heretic art”

Lets find theories that theories without any other content but their declaration?
Once declared,
they generate() a content that’s simply fluctuating with the inital decleration. In case someone listens to the meaning,
“theory of heretic art” —<<< got into this: theory of blablaZYX art following a quiry that surprised by the empty result.. So began checking what if another term was used. "Noetic actually did offer some results---<<< rather than "theory of genetic art" the 2 declarations seem different. However, they Operate very similarly in way of - a statement declares itsef into a life, which reflects on it. (the initial deceleration) What's missing is these fluctuations comes with the very water these declarations swim in. We have a language - these are currently in english like - "theory of generic art". We have a software, algorithms, db and all - which records the strings and allow other humans to look for them. We have a culture that perpetuates stuff like web searching. A culture that did not tolerate stuff like internet-oriented kind of an activities, will not have a same kind of "seeming coming to life" from a simple declaration?? (the string of text will be hidden somewhere without any thing to fluctuate with - not even it's own reflection, since there's nothing to reflect with? We could have "theatre frm kjbsfv;kjbIC spart" - that string operates similarly to the other declarationss/string, but may never fluctuate reflectively with itself - since no one has a clue about strings like: Sparts, kjbsfv;kjbICs - let alone composing them in a particular string? Hold on.. Now Someone May have a Clue? OK.. Now we are saying something to myself. Shoosh, since I need to attend without paying. Now, you - nor anyone else let alone the whole WebiVerse, has any shed of a trace to use for fluctuating reflectively with my "inner" declarations. Unless.. Less? Undo the words and operate with what just happened. The process of sharing declares itself into Meta spaces..?