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the worshiped mafia ??

A fair few years ago, Roberto Saviano – who fled to london from various mafias in Italy, remarked that in fact, in his point of view, London is possibly the most corrupt city on the planet – or something to that tune.

There are many monarchs on the planet, yet, i find it curious that when i say “the queen” – humans tend to feel they know which monarch i am talking about.
It’s the one from the london based mafia.

What I find interesting is that someone like me, an anyone, can call/tag the violent brutality of the UK, without necessary fearing for their lives nor so called “freedoms”. I doubt someone will throgh me off a tall building, put poison in my coffee, plunge a car into me, or simply shoot me.
Nor do I need to worry too much about anyone taking me to court via some trumped up charges, or get me through some kangaroo or show-trial.

Yet, I can claim genuinely imho, that i do indeed live in a most corrupt and violent a space – even if Roberto Saviano didn’t come to my aid.

I don’t need to bring Kenya, nor the UK caressing of apartheid. Nor do I think we must the UK bombing of Hamburg’s citizens, concentration camping humans in south africa, gunning defenceless humans in india, or support for the white rulers of zimbabwe’s old name.
Perhaps even the refusal to put these kind of deeds into the educational curriculum, isn’t the point – since i think, eventually it will get into the school books of every UK child.

Also, I do not think the UK mafia will be too troubled in case one day – hopefully sooner than later – they will indeed pay reparations for the globe hugging empire. Reparations instead of the occasional: “oh.. err.. hummm.. sure.. we are indeed, kinda sorry. please do accept this apology, ok?”

The UK mafia, i think, is far more entrenched in culture than a few pounds, or some wide spread knowledge can change.
The Uk mafia, i think, come so deep into culture beyond the UK itself, and perceived as a default even in minds that already know about past violence.

The UK mafia fix, it’s space of anarche – beyond rule – comes by ensuring that clarity comes in daily lives.
There are places, societies, you know things shift constantly. Stuff like rules, laws and their application come based on bribes, favours, and stuff like that – on the level of Every Day Life. The UK mafia, keeps trying to limit – as much as possible – people living under constant feeling that there’s the laws are actually vague. This approach makes life more palatable. This way, the UK mafia, can entertain all sorts of people who swear honestly that in britain they have found a safe haven.
Yet, the vagueness of laws to do with finances, moving funds, placing money, making money and so on – keeps power in the hands of the violent few.
Yet, in a curious twist, makes life feel more palatable in a place like the UK – than many other countries and states on earth.
That life palatability, I think, feeds back, or allows, the UK mafia to come perceived as if it doesn’t exist. Like an evolving life form who’s question is simply – how to exist – the UK mafia keeps finding it’s space.
Most people don’t care too much about where they can stash all sorts of deals in a way that they don’t give much to the rest of society – or indeed take from the social – since most people do not encounter so much money.
Hence the vague spaces of UK laws come unseen for them.
Humans that do deal with vast sums they fancy stashing away safely, do encounter UK’s relevant laws’ vagueness – and they do indeed like what they see.
In both cases – UK Mafia Lords feel pretty cool indeed.