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A portrait of A on fire

A portrait of a lady on fire comes, imho, as a mind kissing, licking, caressing and igniting kinda cinema.

I think the rhythm, repetitions, colours, use of a painting in a film and the context of the emerging narrative between the humans –
settles the question of Why a film rather than some other formulation. (eg, could have been a journey, another painting, a cloud, a game, etc. – nope this should live as a film.)

I knowNfeel – perhaps get the vibes – that the frictions, compositions and relations between the 2 main humans, has to do with the historical mind-space that forebode same sex and gender humans from having an intimate connection while alive.

I intuit that, when it comes to love in general, and intimate in particular – humans have to cross and crack forbidding social norms. Perhaps slightly controversial, however in my love life – these crossings appeared; and i think the prevalence of stories in the mode of Julia and Romeo, indeed the persistence of that story, supports the intuition.

I know that these words – thoughts – might seem ignorant for some people since there is a current cultural need for narratives like portrait of LADY – rather than A – on fire.
Hopefully these thoughts fail to dis this current cultural – i’d say artistic – need.
What I am about to share here, is my experience From the film.

I love watching the film. I think it’s a classic.

However, when I watch the film, for me these are not women but Humans. These are not just Humans that happened to be women, but life forces that happened to come as humans.
Intelligence making, noetic creating life movements that
not just happened to come as humans but happened to live at all.

For me, if we imagine A as a sensation that lives in the cosmos and come manifested through intimate love –
the story comes as a portraiture of A on fire.