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a personal note feedbacking via docu15?

Routines tend to wash life away. Fluctuating artificiality comes, to me, preferable than repeating artificiality().
Places-spaces- splaces – like documenta, 15th edition or otherwise, are full of life for me. Just going around in the vicinity of the shows, exhibitions and activities, it feels like Anything can pop-up, all sorts of un-expected activities-come-events, can present themselves into space.
That kind of constantly on going, moving, altering, desiring to evolve (but failing), wanting to change – or effect a change – (but not needing nor forcing). Feelings that simply Anything can come to Happen –
make me feel at home. Safe. Excitedly safe.
From a morning bump with a bunch of antisemitic zionists – which felt harsh and unwanted, but Hey, they are fellow humans too – through to a fun-phun welcomed late night impromptu live music and a dance at the train station.
Perhaps the nearest I get to Anything-Can-Happen kinda sensatsions at the flick of my fingers come in ways of surfing?
Concrete surfing – aka skateboarfing.
Controlled surfing – aka sailing.
..and the more noetic kind of surfing – web/net engaging?
Yet, documenta kinda platforms seem to compose the noetic embodied.

So what? In reflection, it seems that these excited sensations got forgotten somehow in the past few months.

(This is not a binary, but a simple pointing at 2 different vibrational ranges that, perhaps a bit like venn diagrams, overlap at certain places. It seems the 2d of these diagrams might comes to distort the ranges.. perhaps a real bad metaphor..)