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GraGri +/- chatgpt ??

Some terms, words, reveal their sounds via their usage.
Grave, or getting moved into a grave, has to do with Gra(ft), aka Graft.
Graft got altered into Grift by people in the usa that have caused other humans to move violently into their gave.
ie, in some corrupt circumstances, aka “crime world”, the term Gra(ft) got unintentionally altered into Gri(ft), as a way to share a statement that someone was killed. Taken to their Gra(ve) before their time.
Obviously the meaning of Grift developed and altered slightly into something slightly different. However,
I think,
perhaps GraGri
can come as a term for other words that get altered by sound within the same language, and then, change meanings too?
DonT do THAT!
Yes, why colonialise gragris?
OK.. Check this:
I asked chatgpt to bring other examples of in same language alterations of sound that changed meanings. The replies from chatGPT came in the range between Lexical and Phonetic “Corruptions”. ie
Broadcast used to mean seeding fields before the Lexical change/corruption into media transmission.
Often, pronounced OFFEN can come as a phonetic change/corruption – but not of meaning. (Both me and chatgpt find it hard to bump into another example like the Graft-Grift).
The curiosity of GraGri has to do exactly since the interest, the focus of attention, has to do with a spectra rather than an idea, or a concept.
GraGri seems to come as various ways of alterations, rather than some kind of an attempt to make a new category of stuff which either comes In or Out of the GaGri ranges.

I know for many humans this sounds weak and fluffy, woolly and immature, stupid and incoherent.
Yes, perhaps the name itself could come better, Perhaps
An ism like in metabolic rather than a capital process? (metabolism v an ideology like capitalism, a call to process everything as a Capital. ie, we also move away from Mysticism and fetisisation of processes.)

A Gragrism comes as a process of it’s own spectrum and therefore own creative and generative tensions.
Gragrism in itself comes from a spectrum making process – between graves, graft, and grift.

We can try to ask what is/isn’t gragrism.
But i think it comes boring.

Why not ask how gragrism spectrum evolves, in the way it Comes for you. I know many want to Understand, however, if you fancy comprehending understanding itself – i think we find a spectrum at the end of that process as well 🙂

why Gragrism?
Sure, why not try Hyperforeignism as well?