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how to feel queerly ignored ??

Just after an event in a queer space.
Sat together with other 4 humans. We just met up and shared perspectives and experiences to do with queerness.
Did you know that the term queer in china comes as chinesified version of queer in english?
Did you know Brighton doesn’t always come as a safe space for lgbtq+ humans?
Have you read – – about pre colonial ??
We talked stuff like that.

All seemed rather friendly for me until when the goodbyes came, together with an exchange of online details. (perhaps should say – Instadetails.)
Perhaps something on my forehead says: no Intaacount, nor X or facebook – since no one tends to ask for my details.
Does it hurt?
As they exchanged, they were talking about the commerciality Instagram. Perhaps I should have mentioned mastodon, specially since humans can find such an array of queer communities there. Didn’t.
Should have mentioned, however could not feel it.

I think, perhaps this can come as a small story that illustrates how society loses from ignoring humans, maybe other lives as well.
However, perhaps I just deceive myself in many many ways.

On the other side –
Perhaps the silent honesty of an ultimate disregard, comes as something to respect. Whether it came intentional or otherwise.
Perhaps, since getting ignored one way or another by other humans seems a constant – something lives wrongly with me.
I suspect myself.