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ari up, basketball, public kinda speaking and violence ??

The slits were “before their time” kind of a punkers. In that assertion, i think we should include “>Ari Up.
Before their time?
That’s a bit of a strange statement imho.
In case the Slits didn’t have to engage with their period’s misogynist faces, would they be what they became?
That doesn’t mean they weren’t before their time though.
What we have here is a question of indications in spaces, where time comes to life as an individual experience. eg, the Slits’ own movement through the misogynistic space. A space that spanned their period of passing, unfortunately our period as well as countless of humans that long gone went past and through the space.
Each facing a different misogynistic facet.
Hurryup woman!! Don’t keep me waiting – I hear.
Hurry up will increase our chance of creating a mistake. Creating something we do not want to do.
The Slits though, had Ari Up to help take time at their own
Own pace can help creating own Space. (despite the unfortunate rhyme..)

How can we tell that?
Say you play a game. I pick basketball, you pick any other – even chess.
Once way to get an advantage over the Other player/team is by forcing them to do actions at Your Pace – rather than their own.
Hurryup woman!! Don’t keep me waiting – I hear the dishes begin to shake.
If we remain in Basketball. Check what people – fellow players – tell about Luka Doncic and pace.
Luka is, by any measure, a relatively Slow basketball player. Doncic doesn’t run fast, nor changes directions quickly. Watching Luka playing basketball, seems at time like watching the game played in a slight slow motion mode.
What Other players say about Luka?
Darn!! This Doncic is a sick player. Probably one of the best ever!
One of the reasons people mention is Pace.
Luka? You can not hurry him up. Doncic will do things in His own time and speed.
Because pressing players into doing things too quick, is one way of getting them to make a mistake. Mistakes bread lack of confidence, which bread more mistakes and so on it rolls.

Hurryup woman!! Comes as both a reminder of what the person shouting thinks of you, and as a statement of inner domination. They, whoever states the Harry Up – attempts to control Your Body, Your Time, Your Pace, the very movement of your limbs, the very speed of messages between your body parts.
Not control these?
Nope, I think it’s an attempt to Dominate. To take them away from You.
Just like a colonial mind does.
You what?!?!?

These are unfinished thoughts..