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towards neurodiv and techne feel ?

A few links that seem to pop up when checking up contemporary reflections between neurodiverse humans and cybernetic techne oriented operations*.
My personal bias in this area seems to have something to do with the way AI comes with a particular way of stating things, demands, strong suggestions and categorizations which do not account for diversities of many kinds. Pluralities, as the many of other differences, seem to make contemporary AI fearful. Perhaps even develop some kind of automated paranoia**?

A friend remarked once that the BBC’s inclusive recruitment approach works with people who don’t Look like Us – but Are just Like Us, at it’s core.
ie, Your skin might have a colour we never seen, your gender might come as one we never heard of, your body moves in all sorts of strange ways, and you seem to reflect on things in an odd Civil way – but so long as you behave Just-Like-Us and happy to tone-patronise people, then “We” BBC can claim Diversity and champion plurality – without changing anything at all!

I am searching for a beginning of a NeuroDiv approach which fails to automate – aka technologise – “Norm-Typicality” as the twist by which NeuroDiv humans should fold to annd the rhythm they should move for and By.

In case anyone has links in the spirit – please do ping. (PDG)

(yes, there are many orgs that try to engage techne and influence other NeuroDiv approaches. However, these links might come on a different post 🙂 )

Perhaps I knock on too heavy walls.
To illustrate:

Study on neurodiverse individuals in job interviews and customer relations

We live in a culture that bends with notions of attempting to Understand. Where Understanding gets imagined as a way to grasp, to take hold and to own.
Understanding as an empathy of the Hunter.

So far, I think perhaps all this text sounds a bit Negative. As in What come as fails, problems and mistakes IMHO.
The push here comes positively in the way of looking at How can Humans (multiple We) do Techne that isn’t simply Inclusive – aka recognising diversity – but exits inflicting the following kinds of reflections. Thoughts that make you feel Tense. Make you have to focus on transcribing yourself, your demeanor, movements, tone and suchlike; to focus on somehow dealing with the pressures, rather than circumstances around.
My personal bias in this has to do with a possible unicorn with it’s own problems. ie, I don’t think the resolution, the exit from where we live, doesn’t contain own problematics.
However, I can not perceive other exit than a flat, anarchic, techne where each way of life – each kind of diversity – comes as it’s own prophesy for all others****.

With these in mind, here come a few links..

Neurodiv as an exploitable*** resources?

Neurodiversity in Tech








Why the world of data and tech should be crying out for neurodiverse talent.

Neurodiversity in tech

How techne tools can get used to bring diverse humans Into Normality’s embrace?



www.thalesgroup.com/en/countries-europe/united-kingdom/news/importance-humanising-neurodiversity-neurotypical-world (an account from a person encountering normality’s embrace of Cure that doesn’t care..)


Techne Tools


Brain in Hand – assistive technology for the neurodiverse

Inclusive Technology Award


(* said with a view of possibly moving away from the term “technology” which seems both fairly wide, and yet in contemporary context, talks about particular aspect of technologies – the automation of intelligent acts and operations.)

(** Any AI psychologists reading this, please get in touch.)

(*** Perhaps I am wrong and Work that involves converting one’s time, space, efforts, attention, tension and tendencies into changeable numbers, does not always come as an exploitation.
However, the tone in these texts, which roughly goes – Hey, checkout all these NeuroDiv humans, we can use them to do better! Makes me think:
Oh! What if NeuroDiv humans – or some other Another-Kind-Of-Humans – didn’t help companies do better. Would it be ok to ignore them? In case the reply comes negative, then the NeuroDiv fails to come as a welcoming of Others. The pro NeuroDiv move comes to entrench certain working orthodoxy. I think it’s a pretty typical conservative move.
Since I don’t want to live in a conservative oriented culture, I reflect on that as Exploitative.)

(**** By prophesy for others, the reference has to do with an applicable truth. eg, my way of thinking might not be yours, but it could bare on Your way one day – in certain circumstances. Therefore, simply accepting My otherness as a civil necessity, and somehow profitable difference – fails to come good enough imho..)