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against making reality STICOMVIstic Again ?

per this video, there’s a developing theory of life’s beginning based on High Viscosity Materias such as glass.

Another way of considering “Viscosity” let alone high or low ones, comes via “Amorphous” qualities. IE, qualities humans call – without form.
Sugar cubes have a form of crystals in it.
Candyfloss has a quality of Viscosity aka Amorphic. It is indeed a bit Sticky and Clammy like, for example, Clay.

The differences between these qualities become pretty apparent indeed when someone tries to sweeten a hot brew.
Sugar crystals require either waiting, or quickening the process of dissolving via steering – to make the cup tea sweet.
Viscous sugar, as in candyfloss – requires none of that steering/waiting shebang. Candyfloss Appears to be melting into liquid as soon an you may put it in the tea cup.
However, it ain’t melting – it actually dissolves while keeping it’s initial qualities of Viscosity.

Keeping with a sensation of live via stickyNess come ClammyNess() come Viscosity. Here’s a new Kind of a Term:
A term that lives amorphously.
and so on – all come as the same Reflective Operation.
A connection attempt with a sensation that can not come conceptualised and lives through the vibrations and fluctuations from it’s own life.
Unlike a sugar cube – it can not come crystalised.
Like the chemical in a sugar cube and a candyfloss – it can keep minds sweet.

A spell that comes fused with that which can not come captured, can not crystalise – yet can come shared through usage/operation..

(curiously connects with Clay, and of course, the biblical intuition of Human life from clay.. Not other lives, like amoebas, trees and slate-rocks.
I mention that Biblical thing of intuition, since there’s a question bell in mind:
True, I picked the question of Viscosity via some kind of a scientific research. however:
does ComStiVis rely on the science? Can it not come as a sensation regardless of how the sci-theory of life moves on? Suppose they come to consider 7G waves as, in fact, the life origins in the universe – not just earth – does it make VisCoStiM anything other than how it is now? Yes, in context, however, not in and of itself imho..
However, I doubt that’s the entire story of cosmic life tbh..)

For me, it seems, the whole shebang has at least 2 curious elements that are perhaps only one..
We have the ongoing connection making between order and whatever can not come as such. –brasilia, rio and the 040 road connecting language–
We have the dissatisfaction with
Conceptual operations and imaginations of approximative capture.
Here with moCsiVitS we get a way that Operates away – not against – capturistic tendancies of concepts, while allowing to share something of a commonly relatable ways.

Can this be exapanded???

Here’s a list some other of High Viscosity materials.


One difficulty imho with “Amorphous”
with the embedded suggestion that there’s
a Morph – a form – to come undone..
Hence the interest in the positivity of viscosity, clammy and sticky qualities.

There’s a focus here on frictions rather than opposition.
We get frictions between concepts and ranges outside conceptuality.
Some might argue/say/claim that we
get ranges out of conceptual capture in Art. True! However,
here the move comes in that spirit, art, with a bit of a different tilt.
A tilt away from the specific elevation of a particular act to come more valuable – in terms of money-value – than others.
From the specific Brillo box through to a particular painting which no one can see it’s actually a copy of some specific and more valuable painting –
we get a thread of Capturing in art.
Kinda like saying: Yes art evades stuff in the range of Capture/Concept/Knowledge – however, we will not allow this!
At least, in west-oriented art perceptions, we have this domain-getting and extracting sequences.
For me, perhaps through a harsh mind, this sequences of capture ring in the spectrum of Coloniality, if not, at times, come as synonyms.

The attempt here is to use the noetic materiality of letters, a quality demonstrated by the inability to Own, to capture, stuff in the range of Letters –
as the ingredients of that which comes indeed – as a between viscosity, sticky and clammy.

I think it might be fun to try. Therefore “reasons” come ringing like energising raindrops in a stormy planet.

(the not opposing concepts, post concept, the use from MoonPlanetIsm – the problem with setletter-sounds –