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wonkyy – the twisted prophecy ??

what comes as a difference between Wonky and WonkYY?

Let’s begin by claiming that the differences between wonkyy and wonky live as the intervals between
wonkk and wonk.

there’s a prophecy, a certain conditionality that seems continuesly threaded through various kinds of felctivities. Indeed, the thread can not escape the very range of flections – we always get a flex, some kind of a twist.
Gods, algorithms, perfections, big-others, ideologies, rules, machines, defaults and laws, tend to come requiring humans to reflect upon them as-if they are not twisted.
My language seems twisted to you since where you might call for a variation on the verb To Be, i make it gone with the range from Come. I come typing here. I am typing here.

These twists come as what i call a cosmic art pieces. Where art practice comes as How Twisting come Imagined.
We want to get into how the cosmos twists things on planet earth – so that we can do something like flying. How the wind moves – comes imagined – on planet earth, so we can imagine differences, some of which produce sails, wings, locations for singing, and others simply winds of imaginations.

Wonkyy seems wonky for humans who never encountered double y in english.
This yy could in time, come to a space where it turns into a new letter – a DoubleY. UU, afterall, turned into a DoubleU – scribbled as W.
In case we did get a letter as a YY equivalent for a W. I think
that even then
the YY
will Seem wonky. Somehow strange and twisted – in english.

(in a similar way that typing uuay seems wonky nowadays.)

that’s not enough for a prophecy. That’s just a speculation based on some particular reading of a past.
the WonkYY twist to come into a prophecy,
I think
we require a
WonKK and a wonkk.
Since when we get a wonkk and wonkyy, i think we open a range for wonkiness that converts terms beyond need for meanings. Frees terms from conceptions and twists them into
practices of imagining with Twists.
Twisst comes wonky like Awakke, and ddew.

this comes as an incomplete note ofcourse.. something that requires further twisting..
threads to pull that come hard to notice..?