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where Black comes as the Colour beyond technology ??

A few notes re

I kicked myself out of twitter fairly early. ie circa 2009. It felt Toooo commercial.
Recently, a fair bit of twitter workers began looking for a home and came to check mastodon.
That’s where i 1st learned a bit about .

I some spheres, the question of
“do androids dream of electric sheep” – circulates fairly popularly. eg
a few years ago, pre pandemic, elgoog published images of how the ai they develop learn to recognise stuff.
For me
another question to do with ai and tech at large comes curious –
where we come as part of Biosphere, as living biological organisms, and AI come as part of a Technosphere as living technological organisms – what comes beyond that.
What would AI evolve and feel something like: Schneeze, these things do stuff better than us. It’s kinda frightenning, but we need to evolve them.
In case ai comes as a part of bio organic Next evolutionary step – what will come as the Next evolutionary step from AI.

My feeling-come-intuition has this as a glimpse into the next step beyond AI.
I know this may sound Counter intuitive, which perhaps makes my own intuitin sound somewhere between alien and bad bad badly wrong Intuition –
however, in case my intuitivity comes into question – have you checked the connection between and technology?
Mostly when speaking with human techies, in case a problem comes up, the techie will check for an app to solve. OK this comes slightly ott, however the point is that solutions come thought from technology.
Who will fix the climate catastrophe?

comes as a simple hashtag, a cultural solution to connect with other humans who might share a similar way of expressing, sharing, talking, exchanging, interests and so on.
doesn’t come as a slogan, nor as a category, or a title. It comes as a simple way to circumvent tech and move beyond into the culture stuff – as a solution.

I suspect there are some other hashtags used that ~ BlackTwitter way – idk and not trying to do an exhaustive research about them.
Think the question comes beyond the spec here.

Some users that moved to check Mastodon, noted that the hashtag operates differently than on twitter.
A way that produced a negative feeling.