1. art notes
  2. unfinished

how *do* you *like* the *look* off You ??

I like muscular humans.
I like to wonder through the shapes, the compositions off the flows that flow through the lines that i make up on their skins.
I like fat humans.
I like to wonder with the shapes of their folds as they bounce into life with movements of minds combined with one another.
I like bony humans.
The aka skinny humans draw me into their boneless minds – in my wilderness ofcourse.
I like humans who have some kind of a body,
(guess even an absence of which – would make it’s own body, come to reflect on it.)
some body they, them humans, feel kind towards and with.
Possibly, unlike how i – a hypocrite – manage with and towards that
body that’s me and my mind to breath a spirit with and
Well.. Perhaps that’s how looks fail to have a single F;
in english they always double F for off?