1. general

a fake kinda lion ??

adult Male lions tend to take a bit more food then the rest of pride.
Lionesses seem to bring much of the food, while the lion adults take most 1st, and allowing what’s left to come divided by the rest of the pride.
Also, afaik, lionesses and lions, young and adult, seem to enjoy times laying in the sun and becoming a sponge for it’s rays.
True – a fair few other animals like to feel melted in the sun, humans as well.

today was a bit of a sunny day.
I was on screen with a cup of coffee.
Suddenly noticed this couple just out side on a strip of sun rays.
a fe/male couple.
To begin with, he had more of the sun strip then her.
However, both had a t-shirt.
Then, she remained with a dark and some rock/metal imagery splattered t-shirt.
He has taken his t-shirted metal/rock image version off. Flountingly?
A tanned fair skin caressing a kinda blondish turned white haired torso.
A smoothly muscular body of a living human.
With breathing movements mingling with the sun light affecting the muscular shapes’s little shadows, skin colours, ageing lines and hairs – produced a composition of a distinct man imagery notated in my mind.
Looking at that image, i could smell and taste the sensations from a fresh white semen on a bright flashing sweaty skin.
Spirited flashes of energy made from lost souls attempting to pass through thin veils made of reflections from images that in fact – can not come shared.
Reflections from reflections that failed to come.
Like an historical narrative about an event that neither happened nor meant anything to anyone as an interesting story to reflect upon. (whether happened or not.)

it was curious how he slowly turned with the sun to feel it’s rays enjoying his body as much as possible. All the while, she, the woman he held hands together before flicking the shirt off – slowly turned away from him while trying to find a strip of what’s left of the suns’ rays in her lions’ shadow?