1. NeuroDiv

size 0 1 option all the way ??

Checked up “NeuroPlural” rather than “NeuroDiverse”, and bumped into some conversation to do with neurodiversity and work circumstances.
One of the themes has todo with fitting in with certain expected ways of thinking.
How to think typical?

Now, I might say something slightly less typical in Neurodiv conversations. Something without much evidence other than personal anecdotes and possible revelations that followed.
(Perhaps I just tend to say things that should not get uttered?)
Lets consider
diversity – neuro and otherwise – as an all encompassing condition. ..and so called ASD, as a thinking/reflecting/contemplating manifestation of diversity all life shares?
Instead of Us and Them, NeuroDiv and NeuroNorm/Typical* –
we get
NeuroDiv all the way. Hence the calling to engage with NeuroDiv people, has to do with offering others to explore fearlessly Their Own diversities. Mental differences which might not come within the ASD spectrum.

Afterall, the Neurodiversity initial call has to do with a Social movement towards embracing diversities. In the spirit of other emancipatory social movements that come for engaging with differences rather than suppressing the otherness.

I’d say that making a binary between diversity and typicality, auto and allo (ie autism v allism) might help doing some PhD theses, and rouse heart beats along the way. However, I think we can all benefit from inclusive diversities rather than enframing various ways as disengaged from one another.
The fact I got to get twisted by a certain majority into appearing one way other than how I live – doesn’t mean the ones that pressed me don’t twist themselves and in need of finding their own comfortable spectra.

(* the term NeuroTypical, or Allism, can get perceived as part of neuroDiverse life. Something that I think came in the initial social movement call for NeuroPlurality/Diversity. )