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metabolism, incentives, cycles, areas, spirals and NoeNo3 ?

Noticed something called “vicious cycle”. Has to do with cognitive behavioural therapy.

The cycle has a flat theory of causes:
Thoughts Emotions Physical-Symptoms Behaviours
One can begin with any point of the cycle, and go anywhere else they feel works for them – and it’s cool in terms of the theory.

Feeling-Cold (physical symptom) can move/cause Future-Memories (emotions) that may cause a behaviour like staying-in, which may usher thoughts of facing cold weather.

When such a cycle repeats, and one finds themselves imprisoned by that particular circularity – the idea is to BreaK one the elements in a way that the whole sequence collapses.

I am curious to consider this from 2 general perspectives:

* There’s the obvious question of sequence formations. (one needs another, cause another, another requires it’s previous other, mutual want/need/differences and stuff like that.

* Might come interesting to consider the elements of Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviours and Physical-Symptoms/acts as
Noetic (NoeNo3)? {these categories seem suspiciously human and possibly misleading in the very form of going through the process of Categorisation – ie X comes judged as Emotional rather than Behavioural, and so on. However, we do get a certain possible noetic spectrum that may help distinguishing from, for example, a conceptual range, and so on..}

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b-ok.cc/book/4975461/b963c8 (mind over mood, book)