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queer and trans futurism(s) ??

Following a late early night to and fro with a friend, a few questions to do with “violence from marginality”(*) via gender oriented queer and transness came into focus.

Since the notion of violence* in this context doesn’t seem to have many specific links*, it occurred that maybe the bit that dealt with marginality (violent or otherwise), could come linked with Futuristic notions.

I still have a few hesitations regarding the approach because futurisms tend to claim new universals that include or come oriented around certain group identities.
Sino-futurism offers an example of a geo political group identity that claims a future for itself within other groups. Sino futuristic universals offer both technological evolution and a multi hegemonic environment.
Afro-Futurism moves between a future of
– better technologies, more intelligent, more sophisticated culture that claims to be a superior universal to the european model.
– a slightly pessimistic strand which calls for the creation of some Afro Hegemonic Universal away from others and distinctly particular to African oriented cultures.

It seems for me that we have certain tensions between group oriented universals, and human-wide (perhaps beyond merely human) kinda wishes for universals – or what can also come as “defaults”.
I do sway obviously away from any of these approaches. It comes as an instinctive approach away from enforced power. (aka violence*) Perhaps a bit of a wishful thinking kinda approach.
(Though, perhaps, just wishes without any considerable Thinking.. 😉 )


Links – queer and trans futurism(s) –

www.thejusticefleet.com/transfuturism (an online show)

www.pinterest.co.uk/devingwilson/queer-futurism/ (pintaImages)

escholarship.org/uc/item/7xr02487 (a bit of an historical italo-representational perspective)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_zTjO_yDKg (a bit of a general intro with afro-futurism in mind)

www.itsnicethat.com/articles/leon-davis-luscious-graphic-design-260521 (queer futurism in imagery design)

networks.h-net.org/node/14467/discussions/4209058/queer-sinofuturisms (perhaps a bit of a twist – queer, how else – on the Hui model of sino-futurism with attention to a new kind of default that doesn’t rely on multi hegemonious politics.)


TransFuturism: Gender Euphoria as Peak Blackness


Queer Futurism: Denizens of Liminality

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* The range of violence in this context attends stuff like:
Where humans feel uncomfortable having to fit-in. (eg, fitting in with a certain group perception of an identity. Check historical struggles to allow queer identities to both expand range and get equal acceptance within the communities. Check Alenka Zupancic call for the Plus in the book Sex.)

Where humans of marginalized communities feel urges to negate the very marginalisation. (ie, a majoritarian perception pushed a few to create their own community, yet that very creation, as needed as it comes, risks institutionalisation of it’s own margin. Hence we tend to get attempts to break out of marginalisations.)

Where humans in queer communities found themselves developing ways to accommodate internal differences of ideas. The claim attends that developing these strategies comes to negate what otherwise could explode into violence.
Internal differences? The range of same term usages. eg. 2 asexuals, or non-binaries – rarely come exactly the same. Personal differences have to get accommodated and approached without presumptions. (else we get into the kind of violent struggles that sometime inflict queer communities..)